Latin Dance Hacks – Tips and Tricks!

Latin Dance Hacks – Tips and Tricks!

Latin Dance Hacks – Tips and Tricks!

Welcome to Latin Dance #Hacks! 

Here are some little Latin Dance ‘life hacks’ to help you practise and improve your latin dancing. Keep coming back and checking as we will be slowly adding more and more little videos as we go along. 

Banana Hands 

Banana Hands is designed as a practical way to help leaders neatly and precisely change hands during dance steps in both Street Latin and Ballroom. 

This will help your rock n roll, salsa, bachata, cha cha, swing, merengue, samba and rumba. Mmm bananas…. 

Train Tracks Explained 

What are these train tracks that teachers keep harping on about? Find out here! 

Note: We have demonstarted this in Salsa but it is also handy for your Rumba, Waltz, Foxtrot, West Coast swing and East Coast Swing! 

Consistent Timing In Salsa and Dancing ‘in place’ 

This is a long video as it has an entire move at the end as a bit of a bonus! 🙂 

The first half of the video is certainly going to help you with your salsa! We talk about keeping your timing consistent, even if you are just dancing in place. It is better to be stomping your feet to the music then standing still waiting to start. 

What Are Nunchuck Arms? 

Nunchuck Arms are used in salsa to lead a Cross Body Lead. now this is not the only way to lead the step but it is one very popular method. 

Nunchuck Arms in Salsa from QuickSteps Dance on Vimeo.

Tips To Help Your Narrow Corridor in Salsa 

In this video we look at;

1. The leader stepping ‘back’ on step ‘3’ to initiate the couple travelling down the train tracks together. This will give our Narrow Corridor more momentum 

2. The idea of forming a ‘wrap’ or ‘sweetheart’ type position with the leaders arms before the follower pops out the other side

3. The follower turning at the last possible momentum to add extra pizazz to your Narrow Corridor 

Wind Up Toy In Salsa – Practise with a Towel! 

Leading Tips- ‘Hook’ in the Rumba Snail 

Weight Placement During ‘Back Rocks’  

Differences in Latin styles when it comes to arms styling for ladies? 

Footwork for Leaders: On the Spot Swivels in Rumba 

Follower’s Arm Styling for Candy Cane and Snail in Rumba

Swivel Technique for Latin Dancing 

Promenade Swivels in Latin Dances, Rock ‘n Roll and Swing

More to come….