Ballroom Dance Lessons in Adelaide

When it comes to a life skill that really sets you apart from the rest you can't go past Ballroom Dance. The kings and queens do it, the celebrities do it and you can do it too. Not only is it fun and a great way to socialise but it has some pretty serious health and fitness benefits too!

Ballroom Dance Lessons In Adelaide

But what is 'Ballroom'?

Great question.

When we refer to a Ballroom styles specifically we’re talking about a certain group of dances including waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Quickstep and Viennese Waltz. They all travel in an anti-clockwise direction around a dance floor, flowing forward constantly. When a ballroom song comes on you will notice a sea of dancers whooshing, dipping and weaving in the same direction like a whirlwind. It’s really something to see! For more details about the differences between Ballroom and Latin, check out this blog.

Which ballroom Dance style do I start with?

Start with Waltz. Waltz is the king of the ballroom styles. Many ballroom believers love Waltz for its technical aspect but this comes in after a year or two. How to waltz dance? The basic levels of waltz are simple and can be picked up by anyone. The basic step is just walking in a square! Your teacher should be able to give you enough information in 1-2 lessons to enable you to dance comfortably along to a whole song

Ballroom Tango is next. Tango is fun and easy to pick up. Within 10 mins you’ll have enough tango to do a whole lap of the ballroom, dancing to the famous ‘Scent of a Woman’!

From there we suggest you look into Foxtrot then Quickstep and lastly, after a couple of years, the Viennese Waltz.

Ballroom Dance Lessons In Adelaide

Should I bring a partner?

Couples dance lessons: If you are a couple looking to take up ballroom dance as a hobby, great! This is going to be a fun filled journey you can share. Partner Not Keen? If you’ve dragged your partner along to a dance class before, and they really are not that interested, don’t let that stop you! The landscape is changing. Plenty of our members who come in alone have partners who don’t learn. Some of them just relax at our bar, have a drink and read the paper! Single and ready to mingle? Let’s do it! We have a huge ballroom dance community here at QuickSteps so there’s always someone to dance with. With our extensive calendar of groups and social events each month you’ll feel like a part of the community in no time. Read more about coming in by yourself here

Ballroom Dance Lessons In Adelaide

Do I have to wear a tux or a ballgown to dance ballroom?

No. Yes. Well maybe. It depends where you are dancing. Fancy Events: There are certainly some events you will attend that have a dress code and this is one of the beautiful nostalgic aspects of learning to dance ballroom. QuickSteps for example holds a Summer and Winter Ball each year. These nights include 3 course meals, live band and floor show. Often they are themed and generally require attendees to dress either in cocktail formal or formal.

Casual Events: As ballroom dance is swept into the modern world along with it are modern habits and expectations. There are lots of casual events around Adelaide where you can dance ballroom styles in jeans if you’d like to!

Classes: When you’re in class or practising your ballroom, wear anything you feel comfortable in. Can you take a wide step in every direction? Can you lift your arms up over your head comfortably? Or can you twist from side to side? If so then that outfit is going to work! 🙂 Planning a particularly strenuous practice session with your teacher? Wear gym gear with your dance shoes. Ballroom can be a real workout!

But where can I dance Ballroom?


Within the dance community

Whilst you are far less likely to use ballroom styles at a pub, festival or birthday party (as you would with Latin and rock ‘n roll styles) ballroom is still a useful social style if you know where to go. To dance ballroom out and about you need to head to specific ‘ballroom dance’ events. These are generally held in venues with huge big ballroom floors. Generally there is some sort of ballroom event every 3-4 weeks here in Adelaide. Rhythm, at the Fogular Furlan in Felixstow is the most well known. Read about it here.


All aboard and abroad!

If you’re looking for a useful skill to take on board a cruise ship look no further than ballroom dancing. Many cruise ships hold ballroom dance events daily whilst at sea and are a meeting point for ballroom dance enthusiasts from around the world! Cunard Cruise Liners are known for their ballroom focus with huge big ballroom floors, black tie dance nights. They even employ dance hosts to sweep guest off their feet! Vienna, Austria hosts the Grand Ball on New Years Eve where hundreds of attendees dance the Viennese Waltz into the wee hours. This is a mecca for ballroom dance junkies!

How Do i get started?

First, have a think about what you’d like to learn and why… Are you learning to dance as a way to de-stress each week? To spend time with your partner? Make friends in a new community? Have a new place to go out on the weekend? Get fit and tone your body? Improve mental cognition and balance? Improve your posture or self confidence?

Then have a think about what days and times will work best for you moving forward, how many times a week you would like to dance and how much you are happy to invest in your dancing each week.

From here book in for a free private lesson. You will get a tour of the studio, meet your teacher and try some of the basics and get a feel for the vibe of our studio. At the end our Community Advisor will walk you through our membership options so you can choose the best program for you. Welcome to the community!

Ballroom Dance Lessons In Adelaide

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One right foot, one left foot guarantee

We’re confident in our teaching. If after the end of one year of dancing, you have not achieved the goals you set out at the beginning of the year, we’ll refund you in full. 1 condition – you turn up to 80% of classes you book.


Ballroom Dance Lessons In Adelaide