Kit Kat Swing Club

Kit Kat Swing Club

The Return of an Old Friend… 

The latest in a line of events hosted by Eight Count Swing, Kit Kat Swing Club is our new favourite swing dance evening here at QuickSteps!

I attended the opening night last Wednesday under the impression that this was a brand new event. After chatting with a few of the local swing dance crowd I found that this was not the case at all! 

Kit Kat Swing Club Maria tells me

“Yes, the first few times we went to The Kit Kat Club it was back in the 80’s. We heard about it from the man that used to run a business behind our studio, he ran the club as a side business. This was at least 20/30 years ago now!” 

Joe adds

“They used to run them here at the Arkaba generally but the very first one we ever went to was in Hahndorf.” 

Back in the day the dress code was very tight with attendees getting dressed up in cocktail gowns, silk gloves and tuxedos. They even had cigarette girls doing the rounds of the club and selling cigarettes from trays! 

Kit Kat Swing Club

A Full House! 

Being the opening night, the day before ANZAC Day public holiday AND free entry it was always going to be a very busy place. It was positively bursting at the seams, not a spare seat in sight and the dance floor was pumping! 

Kit Kat Swing Club

Members of both the swing crowd and the rock’n roll crowd were there in full force and the music catered for both styles of dance perfectly. 

Kit Kat Swing Club

The music was a soothing mix of 1920’s-40’s swing both live and recorded.

Adelaide Big Band were the main attraction and played from 8pm-9:30pm with a small break in the middle were ‘Balboalicious’ performed a Balboa for the crowd. Below is a video of some of the social dancing. 

Kit Kat Swing Club At 9:30pm the DJ started up and played for the rest of the evening which wrapped up around 11:30pm.

As always the dance floor emptied a little and became more managable around 10:30pm. If you are newer to dancing make sure you stay until curtains so you give yourself the chance to dance on a more open and quiet floor. 

The next day we continued on dancing at the ANZAC DAY Street Party. See here for more. 

We will certainly be attending the next Kit Kat Swing Club on Wednesday July 31st and hope to see you there.