What Do I Wear To Dance Class? Do i Need A Partner? Do I have to swap partners in the group class? All Your Questions answered!


The Top 3 Dance

Questions Answered!

1. What Should I Wear To My First Dance Class? 

For classes at QuickSteps wear something casual that you are comfortable in and that does not restrict movement;

  • Can you easily lift your hands over your head?
  • Can you take long travelling steps if required? 
  • Can you stand with your feet planted and turn your shoulders from left to right, twisting at the waist? 

Workout gear is fine but not necessary for most classes (workout/flexibility and ladies styling may be a different story!)

Try To Avoid… 

  • Avoid wearing sneakers or trainers to class as they tend to stick to the floor making it difficult to move well and almost impossible to spin. Dancing in sneakers can also lead to knee injuries- if you attempt a spin but your feet are glued to the floor, your knees will bear the load! We do recommend getting yourself some proper dance shoes in the first few weeks of dancing as it will make your dancing feel better and help to prevent injuries. 
  • Ladies try and avoid tight pencil-style skirts as they tend to restrict leg movement. 

If you are dancing at a dance studio other than QuickSteps it might be worth ringing them ahead of time to find out wether there is any dress code for class. Most studios no longer have one though. 

2. Do I Need a Partner To Learn To Dance? 

No! Absolutely not! 🙂 

Although we teach ‘partner’ style dancing you do not need a partner to learn and become a member of the QuickSteps community. With nearly 400 active members at QiuckSteps there are plenty of other members to dance with in groups and at events!

Couples: If you are wanting to learn with your partner then we encourage you to do so and you’ll find it’s a lovely hobby to enjoy together for a bit of quality time. 

Stephen and Donna

Singles: On the other hand, if you have a partner that is not interested in dancing or you are solo and wanting a new hobby where you can meet like minded people and have a bit of fun, come and join us! Dancing is great for singles! 

WP swing 2

During your private lessons you will dance one one with your teacher. During group classes everyone will be learning the step patterns on their own first (even those that did bring a partner) and then you will be paired up with the other members in the class to try it out to music. Here’s some more info about the difference between private and group dance classes