Where Can I Dance Bachata In Adelaide?

Where Can I Dance Bachata In Adelaide?

In the last couple of years Bachata has become the new ‘it’ dance so it’s no wonder you’re looking for places to go and shake your Bachata groove thang! Here is a list of all the places so that you can get your – Bachata dance in Adelaide whenever you need it.

Where Can I dance Bachata In Adelaide?

1. Bachateando by Mutati 

Where Can I Dance Bachata In Adelaide?

Once a month, Bar Manhattan, Saturday nights

To Save $$$ Online – https://www.trybooking.com/CFMJO

This is a invite letter to you….
Hello Bachata Lovers,
Bachateando is coming in for 2023 for the first time, woot woot! And the team can’t wait to get you all dancing.
We love Bachata and we are here to make it rain… Bachata music.
Our crew of fantastic resident DJs, and some guest DJs we will be hosting in the future, will bring you their best tunes. Be in the know wit the new music out there, styles of dancing, types of music you are dancing to… Oh yeeeeeeeah….
Tell all your friends!
Bar Manhattan
Saturday 18th Feb 2023
Location: 119 Waymouth Street, Adelaide
Entry is $15 Save $$$ Online/$20 At The Door. The entry includes the class & $5 discount on any drink or a soft drink. Let’s get you on that dance floor faster.
Class time: 8:00 PM (Open Bachata Level – we will announce teachers closer to date)
Party Start Time – 9.00PM
Party Finish Time – 2:00AM
Any questions feel free to send us a message.
See you there!
The Bachateando Team..

2. Bachata Practica ( Where can I dance Bachata in Adelaide )


Every Wednesday night at Quicksteps Dance|Club|Studio, 255 Gouger St, Adelaide.

We knew that there was no regular, weekly night of 100% Bachata in Adelaide and that’s what was really missing on the scene so we decided to host one ourselves. It is proving to be very popular now that it’s up and running so do yourself a favour and get down here!

100% Bachata, 100% free, all welcome. In the Baker Ballroom at our studio we play Bachata from 8:30pm-10:30pm every week! Some of our teachers, Antonela, Emmanuel and Roi are there to sweep you off your feet so what are you waiting for?!

3. Little Havana, Every Wednesday night 

Where Can I Dance Bachata In Adelaide?
Adelaide’s very own Latin Cocktail Bar

268 Morphett St, Adelaide

Every Wednesday night (once you’ve finished up at Bachata Practica at QuickSteps) take a short, refreshing stroll down the road to our neighbours and KEEP DANCING! Each Wednesday they play a funky mix of salsa and bachata to help you get ready for the second half of your work week.

4. Bailamos at QuickSteps every Friday

We have just started running a big, regular Latin night- made up mostly of 50% Bachata 50% salsa so come and check it out. Every Friday from 9:15pm until 1am. 

We have crazy drinks specials to make it even more tempting as well as Adelaide’s biggest social dance floor!

Why did we start running this event? A regular late night Latin event is something we have wanted to run for years but Fridays was already a little saturated in the past. There used to be a regular Latin Friday Southern Salsa and Casblabla. However when they both stopped we knew it was QuickSteps time to shine! So here we are, welcome Bailamos!

Salsa Sundays (with Bachata!)

Where Can I Dance Bachata In Adelaide?

5. Plant 4 Bowden

First Sunday of every month: Feb 5th, March 5th and so on….

Now… don’t let the name fool you. Yes, it’s a ‘Salsa Sunday’ but they play a healthy mixture of salsa, bachata and kizomba.

Here are the deets:

Where Can I Dance Bachata In Adelaide?Salsa Sundays Where Can I Dance Bachata In Adelaide?
Brought to you by One Dance and Plant 4.
1st Sunday of every Month so it is nice and regular and easy to plan around.
We look forward to being back at this amazing venue with the best food, drinks, music, good vibes and bringing together Adelaide’s wonderful dancers.
Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba.
Not sure what Bachata is?
Here is a little clip of Antonela and Emmanuel dancing together at one of our recent Latin parties so you can see exactly how wonderful bachata can be.

Do you prefer salsa over bachata? Check out another blog we’ve put together to see where you can shake it Salsa style! Where Can I Dance Salsa In Adelaide?