FAQs about Dancing

FAQs about Dancing

Which Dance style is the easiest for a Beginner to Learn? 

There are a range of styles that are easy to learn at a beginner level. If you have never danced before Rumba and Waltz have a very simple pattern to start with and give you something from both the ballroom and the Latin category to try. 

How Can I Improve Quickly? 

  • Repitition: It’s all about kilometers on the odometer! There is no silver bullet. Practise is key. It is a good idea when you practise to ensure you don’t get bogged down practising the steps/techniques that you have recently started learning with your teacher. Most people improve most when they focus on refining what they already know and fine tune it. If you want to be a smooth and natural dancer this repitition will be the key! 
  • Ask your teacher for homework at the end of your private class, they know you and your dancing best! 
  • Don’t forget the 4 Stages of Learning

Where Can I Go Out Dancing in Adelaide? 

When it comes to places to go dancing in Adelaide we are simply spoilt for choice! Where you go will depend on what sort of environment you’re looking for and what styles you are wanting to use. Follow this link to find our QS blog listing all the places to dance in Adelaide and what to expect when you arrive. 

What is the Difference Between Ballroom and Latin? 

The quickest and easiest way to determine wether a dance fits within the Ballroom or Latin category is to look on the way that the dance moves. Does it travel around the room fluidly creating a whirlpool of dancers? This is Ballroom. 

On the other hand, if the dance stays more or lesson on the same part of the floor but twists and turns in different directions, it is more likely to be Latin. 

Is Rock ‘n Roll a Ballroom or Latin Style? 

The Swing family (including Rock n Roll) whilst in a mini fmaily of their own are generally considered to fall under the Latin umbrella due to the techniques used and shape of the dance on the floor. 

What Shoes Should I Wear To Dance Class? 

Dance shoes are always best and you can find out more about Dance Shoes here. Before you get your first pairod dance shoes you can wear something that is; non stick, attached to your foot, high or low and comfortable.

Try and avoid anything to rubbery like sneakers/joggers as they tend to stick to the floor and can increase the chance of injury. Most dance classes are held on a wooden floor and you will want to be able to have a small amount of slip and slide. 

Ladies, heels or flats are fine and comfort and confidence should come first. Make sure the shoe has some sort of backing or strap as you don;t want your shoes flying off of your feet as you show off your moves! 

Men, a black or brown leather dress shoe is often the best choice. 

What Are People Dancing At Casablabla? 

If you’ve been to a random salsa night in Adelaide there is a 90% chance it was Pachanga Nights at Casablabla. 

Can I Learn To Dance as an Adult if I Have Never Danced as a Child? 

Yes! Absolutely! 

Whilst a small handful of people come to dance class with a little bit of a head start due to a childhood full of ballet class or Jazz comps, most QuickSteps Members start having never danced before. The steps and techniques you will learn in the first 6-10 lessons will be made up of the following physical elements;

  • Walking forwards
  • Walking backwards
  • Stepping sideways 
  • Rocking forward and back from one foot to the other

If you can do those things you will be able to dance! 

(To be honest… even if you can’t our teachers will find a way to make it work!) 😉 

How Long Will it Take Me To Learn? 

Well… that all depends on what sort of standard you would like to achieve and what you would consider having ‘learnt’ to look like. 

For most adults attending a private class each week and 1+ group classes a week you could realisticly expect;

  • 2-4 months: Able to get up and dance 3 beginner styles to music with 3-4 steps in each. 
  • 6-8 months: Able to get up and dance 4-6 styles to music, starting to layer a little technique over the top. 
  • 12 months: You should now be attending social events such as weddings/parties/dance nights and able to get up and dance comfortably and confidently to 80% of music played with multiple different dance partners.

What Music Can I Ballroom Dance To? 

At QuickSteps we have a social focus. We want people to be able to use their dancing when they are out and about so we use music in the studio that you will hear when you are out. 

We teach members to dance to everything from the Beatles and Stevie Wonder to Pharrell Williams and Lorde. Regardless of wether it’s played on Cruise FM, Mix 102.3 Love Song Dedications or Tripple J’s Hottest 100 you can hear it at the QS studio. 

As a general rule we can get you dancing to everything other than Opera or Ballet music. These two genres can have very soft or irregular ‘beats’ making our styles difficult to match to the sounds. 

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