Isolation Exercises for Arms in Ballroom and Latin

What is ‘Isolation’? 

Isolation Exercises for Arms in Ballroom and Latin

Isolation is a term you will hear again and again during your dance classes. We are referring to the practise of moving one body part at a time. This particular blog is designed to help you with isolation of the arms although you will also want to practise isolation of your hips, mid section, legs and head for smooth and stylish dancing. 

This first video will help you to practise isolating your shoulders, elbows, wrist and hands from one another to create smooth, graceful arm movements when ‘reaching’ or extending the arm. This is particularly useful during graceful dances such as rumba, waltz, bolero and sensual bachata. 

Mish will explain the movement first and once you understand it we advise that you practice along with her. Listening is great but the magic is in the ‘doing’! 

Here’s Roi (AKA Roi Boi) doing what he calls the ‘arm wave’. You’ll see him demonstrate with some music so you know what to aim for anf then you can join him step by step. 

How did you go? 

This is not something that you will master in one session. Repitition will be key when it comes to arm isolation. 

Let’s Apply It! 

Why not try applying some of that new arm isolation to some basic Latin step patterns? Jam will show you how. 

Other Videos To Parctise To?

To break it up a bit why not practice along to some of our other videos for fun. 

If your looking to work on hips, ribs and swivel actions head here.