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Group photo of the QuickSteps team from Summer Ball 2017.

What QuickSteps is All About

Creating Happiness Through Dance

The QuickSteps Team are here to help you learn to dance. But we know it’s not all about the dancing.

Over the years Michelle has witnessed first hand the happiness that dancing can bring into peoples lives. It can improve your health and fitness, stress levels, social life, self confidence, relationships – all while giving you an amazing sense of satisfaction and achievement.

This is why we do what we do, and the reason for our mission: ‘create happiness through dance

Michelle quickly realised that in order to truly deliver the QuickSteps mission, extra teachers were needed to join the Team. Today you’ll find some of the world’s best dance teachers on the QuickSteps team and there are more to come.

You don’t need any experience, you don’t need a partner and you don’t even need to know which styles you want to learn. All you have to do is decide that dancing is for you and let us do the rest!

The Fantastic QuickSteps Team


Dance Teacher

After being inspired by dancers in a Ricky Martin video clip, Eamonn went on to compete in Latin, ballroom and New Vogue competitions within New Zealand and Australia. He fell into a teaching job shortly after moving to Melbourne and has been terrorising dance students ever since.


Dance Teacher

I was born and raised in the beautiful country of Philippines. I started dancing modern dance, folk dance and Hawaiian when I was 5-14years old. When I turned 15 years old I joined another genre of dance which is DanceSport, I won several competitions both national and international up to now. My partner is also a teacher here in QuickSteps his name is Kevin. We are one of the top couples of the Philippines in DanceSport in the category of Latin. We are planning to continue our journey here in Australia by teaching, as well as continuing our international dancing which is DanceSport. My recreation and leisure when I have my day off is just dancing, I feel weak when I can't dance a single day. It's like my happy pill and an energiser to make my day productive.


Dance Teacher

I began dancing and competing in Ballroom and Latin when I was 13 years old back in the Philippines. In the Philippines I have been teaching for almost 9 years now and I am so happy that I get to continue my teaching at QuickSteps. I consider myself to have one of the best jobs in the world. My future goal is to become a professional DanceSport competitor/teacher and compete here in Australia and around the world. I can't wait...


Dance Teacher

Adam is here to sweep you off your feet at the next QS Social event/Gala Ball. Adam started dancing when he was only 14 and loves Swing/Jive the most. When he's not dancing he can be found out and about with his camera and his friends.


Front of House Manager

Bridget tends the bar for all your beverage needs. She's also an illustrator, musician and comedian from South Australia. Her background is in the hospitality and the arts industry, specifically design, performance, marketing and writing. A lover of coffee and craft beer, Bridget has worked in numerous cafes and attended bar for a number of festivals including Feast and Adelaide Fringe.


Dance Teacher

Rommel moved to Australia from the Phillippines in August 2014 to teach with the QS Team and boy we're glad he did! Rommel has been teaching ballroom and latin for over 15 years and was runner up on Filipino Dancing With The Stars with his dance partner, Priscilla, in 2014. When he's not dancing Rommel loves going to the movies and eating in China Town.


Studio Manager

Sara has been dancing and singing all of her life. She studied performing arts at college and is no stranger to the stage. Over the years Sara reckons she has probably done over 1000 performances all over the world. She first started teaching in the UK as a performing arts, early years and tap teacher and comes from a family of teachers. Her love of the ballroom floor comes from her Aunt Shirley who was a professional ballroom teacher in the UK.


Dance Advisor

Michelle (or Mish) grew up playing lots of sports but once she found ballroom/latin dancing she was hooked! After teaching for 13 years she has now moved into the dual role of Dance Advisor and Teacher Trainer. Michelle is passionate about 'Creating Happiness through Dance and helping new members set up the perfect program to help them achieve their fitness, fun and friendship goals. When Mish isn't at the studio she is walking her dog Louis, listening to business podcasts or at the pub with friends.



Sebastien loves all things business! Starting his first business at the young age of 13 he has had plenty of experience in everything from IT services to owning crepe stalls and burger stands. Sebastien takes care of everything behind the scenes at QS and helps to keep all of the cogs turning. When Seb's not working he loves reading the 'Economist' with a glass of red wine.

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