QuickSteps now offers NDIS-friendly payment arrangements, and significant discounts to NDIS participants for private lessons at our off-peak times.

Private Lessons

QuickSteps has always been a high care, personalised environment – nearly all our students learn through private dance lessons, so we are experienced in tailoring our teaching to our students’ individual needs.

Learning to dance flexes students’ social, mental, and physical skills and is a great fun activity for students with a range of goals.

Tailored Experience

We tailor the lessons completely to your needs. At the end of each dance lesson, we email a report of the lesson. The report contains information about what was done on the lesson and what will be done on the next lesson.

Depending on your wishes, we can email to family members, plan managers, physiotherapists or phycologists.

Everyone who supports you can be given access to the booking system, and can view/change/cancel lessons.

Group Classes

There are not many group classes available at the offpeak times we offer special NDIS rates.

NDIS supported students access our group classes with their own teacher who support them one-on-one throughout the group class. Group class attendance is charged at the same rate as a private lesson.

Getting Started

1. Determine whether you have enough budget in your NDIS plan. We recommend 1 weekly private lesson costing $75 per lesson. On an annual basis this works out to $3450.

2. Read the terms in our NDIS service agreement. If you agree, please book your first lesson using our booking calendar.

3. Load up our calendar , and choose a time before 3:45pm weekdays, or on the weekends.

4. We have a cancellation policy of 2 clear working days, and you will still be billed if you cancel within this time.

5. Please make sure you are supported at your first lesson. If you have a support worker, please bring them along. If you don’t, please let us know in advance so we can provide you with our NDIS special payment arrangements and pricing.

6. On your first lesson, your teacher will find book a regular lesson spot for you.