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Adelaide’s premier dance school for adults

What QuickSteps Does

Have you ever felt as though you were sitting, watching everyone else enjoying themselves on the dance floor unable to join in? We fix that.

We passionately teach dancing through a combination of private and group lessons – the best way become comfortable and confident.

Partner dancing is what we are all about…but you don’t need a partner! Salsa, rumba, cha cha, tango, waltz, swing, rock ‘n roll, foxtrot and more.

About the team

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What others are saying about QuickSteps Dance Lessons

Have a watch!

“QuickSteps just has such a great vibe and we’ve met a lot of great people here”

Richard and Yolanda

“We were learning to dance for our wedding… and we loved it so we’ve kept doing it”

Ben and Katie

“It’s nice to know you can go out to a social event and actually dance to modern music”

Kirsty and Eddie

“I came to a stage in my life where I needed a new hobby”


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