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fitness and friends.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! QuickSteps is a ‘social studio’. This means that whereas some studios may have a laser focus on preparing students for competitions or getting them through a series of exams we focus on people being able to get up and dance and have fun at social dance events. This includes everything from weddings to birthdays to live music gigs and everything in between. Now, whilst not all members come in with a goal of being able to go out dancing, certainly a vast majority of them do. To help with this we provide 4 weekly social dance events and sometimes up to 6 events a week. This provides members with a place to come and dance and practise dancing out in the real world as well as providing a wonderful social outlet for members wanting to use their dancing to meet new people with similar interests.

Constantly! Dance events are important for practicing your dance moves, and wonderful social opportunities.

Salsa / Bachata: Bachata Practica each Wednesday evening at 8:30pm. Bailamos on Friday night at 9:15pm

Ballroom styles: Smooth Wednesday each week 9:15pm + our monthly dance party + monthly Ballroom Blitz. And don’t miss our Winter Gala and Summer Festival events!  All on our event page.

Rock ‘n Roll: Our Monthly Sundays Rock. Check our event page.

We also head out to venues around Adelaide to dance up a storm. It’s all on our event page. And follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Absolutely not. About 70% of our members come by themselves. There are plenty of other people to dance with. Read more about riding solo here.

On the other hand, if you want to come as a couple, and only dance as a couple, that’s fine too.  In our group classes some one side of the room doesn’t change dance partner, and the other side does. Read more about it here.

Booking private lessons to start with is a good start. Group classes can always come when you feel ready!

When you call a studio to book in, ask them what the quietest times at the studio are and book your private classes at those times to avoid heavy traffic and lots of spectators. And please remember that most people are not watching you, they are too busy thinking about what they are doing!

We have many members here at QuickSteps that came in looking for a way to officially ‘ditch the gym’!

We find that for a lot of people dancing works well as a substitute for the gym because it is enjoyable so it helps people stick to it and do it regularly. Having fitness that you actually look forward to participating in is the real game changer. However, it is no magic bullet. In the same way you need consistency and regularity to get results at the gym you need the same for your dance classes.

If you ditch the gym and attend 1 dance class per week you are unlikely to see any results. We recommend dancing 2-3 times a week to see real improvements – primarily in aerobic fitness, flexibility, balance and overall toning.

Our dance studio, and the cafe & bar is open 7 days.  Monday-Fridays from 12pm-10pm.  Saturday and Sunday 9am-4:30pm.

We also host social events and functions outside of these hours on Saturdays and Sundays. To keep up to date with all of our social events follow us on Facebook / Instagram or check out our events page.


Dance Lessons

Community of people learning to dance for fun

Private Lessons

Private lesson memberships from $72 per week




Looking to start your dance journey? Bachata is the perfect dance style for beginners.
  • Sexy and fun dance style
  • Bachata is the world’s most popular and fastest growing dance – join the tribe
  • Great workout: Fun and engaging cardio exercise
  • Improves mood: Reduce stress, improve mental health

Wedding Dance

Prices starting from $95


Rock 'n Roll





Love the soulful sounds of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong? Learn to swing dance IF:
  • Jazz, big band, 30’s & 40’s classics your kind of music
  • you love the look and sounds of the 30’s and 40’s
  • you want to dance Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong style
Swing is a popular dance style in Adelaide, with numerous events and parties where you can show off your skills and socialize with other dancers.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Learning to dance for fun, fitness and friends

What Our Clients Say About Us

Learning to dance for fun, fitness and friends

I love the atmosphere at Quicksteps, very friendly. The instructors are all brilliant, especially at remembering our names!! It feels like a family, and very professional at the same time. Thank you guys.

Lexia Cherry

I had a great time at QuickSteps. I believe it is the biggest dance studio in Adelaide city. It is tidy, clean and always well maintained. Also, the staff members are very friendly and always say hi to me every time I walk in. This gives me a vey warm community feeling.Most important all, Quicksteps helped me build up my confidence in dancing and meeting new people. I used to feel socially awkward and nervous when I walk into a room with a big crowds. After few months with QS, I now feel very comfortable to attend any dance parties by myself even though I don’t know anyone from the parties.


If you love to dance its a.good place to be meet friends and have fun while dance.I love it.

Nadine Stainer

Quicksteps is an awesome place to learn how to dance! All the staff are warm and welcoming, and the members are friendly! I have never considered myself a dancer, but I decided to give it a go to try something new, and Quicksteps seemed like the best place to start. I was an absolute beginner, but the teachers made it easy, engaging, and fun to follow the steps and learn new moves. I always left each session energised and smiling! The seated area next to the main dance floor is a great place to meet new people and to relax with a hot or cold drink (yes there’s a bar!) before or after your lesson. Plus there are opportunities to perform at the summer and winter balls, which are a blast! Highly recommended!

Andrew Butler

Great place to learn how to dance! Been coming here for a few years and the quality and care from the teachers and team has never been less than exceptional.


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