UnderArm Turn

UnderArm Turn

Please Note: The leader does not change their footwork to match the followers, they simply continues with their Basic Step.

The leader also acts as an ‘anchor’ for the follower to come back to. Try and avoid changing your footwork to move to the side with your follower as this is a common mistake.

Tip: If you are struggling with this then try performing the step without looking at your partner at all. Stare straight ahead. It sounds silly but it really works! Once you are used to the pattern you can go back to watching and connecting with your partner.


The Leader’s Steps

In this video we are referring to the leader’s steps when we describe the gentlemen’s steps.

See tips above.

Imagine you are drawing a large circle on the black board, doing a back rock and then erasing it. This will make your leading clear.


The Follower’s Steps

In this video we are referring to the follower’s steps when we describe the lady’s steps.

Watch your step sizes for this one followers!

Stay close to your leader

Make sure you look at your partner on the ‘back rock’. This tiny adjustment will help you to complete your turn rather than only getting a portion of the way around. It will make it look sharper and more ‘spinny’.

You will now be using this Underarm Turn pattern forever in Rock ‘n Roll so spend time to make it beautiful!

Look at the following steps and watch what the follower is doing…It the Underarm Turn!

Back Hand Change

Leader’s Turn

Double Overhead Turn