Wedding Dance Lessons in Adelaide

Most brides 'n grooms simply want to be comfortable and feel confident on their wedding day.  We want your friends and family to clap, cheer and say "Wow, I never knew you could dance!"

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What other happy couples say about us...

Brilliant, friendly teachers and a beautiful, warm community of staff and students. Having Sunday wedding dance lessons helped soooo much with our busy work schedules.

Simon & Sari

Seriously the most fun part of our wedding preparations. Weekly date night! We'd have a drink at the bar and go to Chinatown afterwards for dinner. Thank you QuickSteps!

Halie & Fabian

Your wedding dance should be enjoyable

Ask any married couple about their wedding day and you'll often hear "it went by so fast". It's true, the day you've been planning for so long will be over in the blink of an eye.

Surprisingly, the one person you may not spend much quality time with is your partner. But your first dance is a blissful 2 minutes that you get to enjoy together, uninterrupted. So let's make it relaxed, memorable and enjoyable.

Make my first dance enjoyable!

Why do some couples look awkward and robotic during their first dance?


They learn a choreographed dance rather than learning to 'lead and follow'.

A choreographed dance is where every single footstep is planned and timed to the music. Couples struggle under the pressure of remembering all the steps and look stressed when they try. Unfortunately it ends up looking a little awkward in front of your friends and family. Those that pull it off have generally practiced for 6+ months or have a dance background.


Too many steps poorly executed.

Our philosophy is stick to the basics and do it well. It's better to have just 4 moves that you can execute well than 10 moves that are half-baked. 4 moves executed well isn't boring (the audience won't actually know it's only 4 moves), but 10 moves not performed well will be awkward and uncomfortable for your friends and family to watch.

I don't want to look robotic

So how should we do it?

Lead and follow is where you have a basic step that you dance repeatedly to the music to stay in time. Imagine this as an 'idling step'. The lead (the groom) then decides when to do the other steps and gives a signal (like a subtle push in a certain direction) to the bride for her to start the next move. Pretty simple, eh?

By doing lead and follow you can execute the steps whenever you want meaning there is no 'right or wrong' time to do each step. You'll looked relaxed, so then your audience will too.

We still give you a roadmap so you'll have a plan when to do certain moves. But with lead and follow, if you stuff up (and you will at least once) you'll be able to get back on track with no one noticing, and all you'll do is grin at each other. 

Can't I just learn my Wedding Dance with YouTube?

Without going into too much detail there are three types of learners: visual, auditory and cognitive. If you both happen to be visual learners you have a chance. You've welcome to use our QuickSteps online videos.

But just like tennis, golf, footy... or any sport ever... face-to-face lessons from a career teacher will get you the best results, fastest.All QuickSteps teachers teach full time. Committing to dance teaching as their career has one major benefit for you compared to the accountant-by-day, dance-teacher-by-night that most dance studios employ.What is it?It's simply runs on the board - a full time teacher teaches vastly more lessons and therefore has seen far more things go right and go wrong. They know the 15 different reasons an underarm turn feels awkward, can pick the problem out in a jiffy and have tried and tested multiple ways to explain the problem.

Alright, I'll give you guys a shot

How long will it take to learn my first dance?

We would love to be able to say, 'don't worry you can learn to dance in 4 weeks' but it's simply not true. 4 Weeks won't be enough time to look natural. You will know the basics of lead and follow, but you'll look clunky.

Whilst we consider 2-3 months the minimum for the average couple to pull off a relaxed-looking dace, 6 months is where you'll have the opportunity to add more interesting moves. It gives you more time for repetition, your teacher will have time to add some technique and will be able to dance it with your eyes shut! You may even have time to add a couple of little highlights if you feel like it.

The key is to find a dance studio where you enjoy coming in so dance lessons are not a chore. That's why we built our cafe & bar. Lots of people, often blokes, are nervous on their first lesson - and fair enough - so we offer a free beer/bubbles on your first wedding dance lesson. Many wedding couples make it a date-night. Learning your wedding dance should be the most fun part of your wedding preparation - if not, your dance teacher isn't doing their job!


Free first lesson

We advise coming in weekly for a private lesson at $380 per couple for 4 weeks.

We also throw in a few extra goodies to help you be the best dancers you can be:

Access to our studio 7 days a week for practice (sometimes the living room is not big enough!)

Access to our beginner 'Come & Try' wedding dance classes for practice (Sunday 10:30am or 1:30pm, Wednesdays at 7:45pm, Fridays at 7:00pm)

Show us when you're available

Well, how do we start?

Select a time online and book your free trial in 30 seconds. The best way to start is to come in and have a look around. You can meet your teacher, discuss with them exactly what you do (and don't) want so they are on the same page and then try some of the basic steps.

At the end of your lesson, your teacher will do a quick demonstration to show you what they are aiming for so that you can make sure you are happy with the direction you are taking.

From there you can book your wedding dance lessons and start the ball rolling!

Let's do it

One right foot, one left foot guarantee

If you have 8 or more dance lessons, and your family and friends are not impressed with your dancing abilities, show us video evidence of the crowd reaction, and we'll give you back your money, no questions asked.