Policeman Step

Policeman Step

What a move!

This little beauty is like a big Frankenstien-esque combination of all the step patterns we have learnt already in our rumba.

Underarm Turn


Back Rocks With Spin

The Policeman Step is a good pattern to practise continuity with. This move finishes with the Back Rock and Spin so it can easily be linked straight onto any step that starts with a Back Rock such as;

Back Rocks and Open Walks

Back Rocks and Walks with Snail Ending

Promenade Swivels Long.

This Policeman Step contains many of the rocking actions you will grow to love in your Latin dancing. Here’s a video reminder of the Rumba Neutrals to help you keep your dancing neat and tidy.


Weight placement forward during your rocking actions please 🙂 See Jam’s explanation below.



The Leader’s Steps

In this video we are referring to the leader’s steps when we describe the gentlemen’s steps.


The Follower’s Steps

In this video we are referring to the follower’s steps when we describe the lady’s steps.