The QuickSteps Community Values

Today we launch our QuickSteps Community Values; five areas which the QuickSteps dance community embodies, and which are the foundation of what we have created here at QuickSteps.  Here is the journey we went on in uncovering them, and why they’re so important to us.


The Feedback

The QuickSteps Management Team are very lucky as we often receive positive feedback from our Members. When asking the question:  “What do you love most about being a part of the QS Community”, the followng terms come up again, and again;

  • Welcoming  
  • Friendly 
  • Inclusive 
  • Fun 
  • Happy
The QuickSteps Community Values


The Questions… 

This obviously makes us very happy when we hear it but it also started to raise questions:

As we grow how do we ensure we don’t lose these positive vibes along the way?

How can we maintain and grow this culture as we welcome more members to the tribe and don’t neccesarily have as much one on one time with everyone that walks through the door? 

Time to Research

After a bit of research we came across other dance studios that had adopted a ‘code of conduct’ or a list of ‘do’s and don’ts’ that they ask their students to adhere to. This is okay but wasn’t quite nailing it for us; we felt this was perhas a little prescriptive and we didn’t want our members to feel like there were ‘rules’ to which they had to abide. 


A ‘Valuable’ Excercise! 

Then we looked to the QuickSteps Team for answers. They are welcoming, friendly and supportive of each other no matter what; our QuickSteps Core Values are a big reason for this! We have a list of 10 Values that every Team Member learns by heart and agrees to adhere to while they’re at QuickSteps. So from this came the Community Values

These five Values are shared in our community and help everyone at QuickSteps feel happy and welcome. By doing this our members are not only coming along for the ride but rather taking an active part in helping QuickSteps to achieve our mission of ‘Creating Happiness through Dance‘ for those around them. 

This gave us a framework but not the detail, and forced us to put our heads together to distill how we got to be this way; what has contributed to this community being the way it is and how we can maintain and grow it.

Here is the finished product; 


QuickSteps Community Values

1. Welcome New Members

Our community is built on welcoming people and being friendly. With a smile, we extend a hand, offer a dance, and pull up a chair. We welcome new members no matter their life story.

2. Remember Where We Came From

We were all beginners once, so we give encouragement, and we dance with members of all experience levels. 

3. Let The Teachers Teach

Unsolicited dance advice often has unintended negative consequences, so we let teachers give dance feedback to other members. This includes both in group classes and on the social floor. We help the QuickSteps team to uphold their Professional Conduct Policy.

4.Speak Up

The good, the bad, the ugly; QuickSteps management needs to hear it. If we see, hear or feel something that is not quite right, we speak up. If we have a great idea, we speak up. If we have a compliment, we speak up.

5. Why We’re Here

QuickSteps is a community of people wanting to dance, socialise and be active. We are friendly, and we don’t give unwanted attention. We know mistakes happen, and when they happen, we are forgiving and apologetic.


Video Time!

Ben and Michelle jumped in front of a camera to talk through the values, and give a bit more insight on each one. 

Please have a watch of the video (5min 39sec)

Community Values from QuickSteps Dance on Vimeo.

And as always if you have any questions please get in touch!

Email Ben or call the Studio on: 08 8121 3399