Throw Back: Sunday Rock ‘n Roll @ Verve

Forget the Sunday Roast… Verve Bar started Sunday Rock n Roll!


Nothing good can last forever. It’s very sad that this event is no longer running… But here’s a little flashback for you to sit, enjoy and remember the 6 years that Verve was THE place to go rock n roll dancing on a Sunday.

What do you do when you go to the movies and it’s sold out? Go have a drink. That’s exactly what my fiancée and I did a couple of years back, and we happened upon a new rock ‘n roll night at Verve Bar and Kitchen


I often wondered if it was still going. Last weekend I picked up the phone and rang Verve Bar, fully expecting them to tell me that the night had been closed down long ago. This often happens as dance nights move around from place to place.

To my surprise the gentleman on the phone answered Yeah, of course it’s on!

It’s on every Sunday 2pm-6pm and there are always people here dancing.How exciting, another place to go dancing in Adelaide!

After finishing a busy Sunday at the Bridal Expo I quickly packed the car and drove straight to Marion shopping center, eager to get there before it all finished up and I missed out on a dance!

I walked up the stairs past TGI Fridays and through the neatly kept front seating area into the warm and cosy front bar of Verve.


The lighting is warm and inviting and the crowd, primarily 40-60 year olds, were dressed in all the right gear!

The ladies had their rock ‘n rolI skirts and dresses and the flowers in the hair.

There were many couples up and dancing and those that were taking a break, were bopping to the music.


I was keen to find out more so I enquired at the bar to find out who was running the show. They told me to speak to Carol and pointed her out. Carol is the organizer and was more than happy to chat about the event and all things rock ‘n roll dancing in Adelaide!

It’s a shame you’re here tonight, there are normally a lot more people than this but we had a big function last night and people are too tired to come along.

Really? I asked.

I was shocked to hear that the fantastic crowd in front of me was considered a poor turnout!

I knew then that this was a dance night in Adelaide that had to be on my list!

Oh Yeah, continued Carol. sometimes we might get up to 200 dancers here. We even use the space upstairs because it’s too full. She pointed out the mezzanine above the band, which could easily accommodate another 40 or so dancers.

The band were playing all the 50’s hits and rock ‘n roll classics and doing a great job at filling the floor.

And we have a photographer here tonight folks and she’d love to see that floor full for our last song of the set! The front man was nice enough to encourage everyone to get up for one more dance even though I imagine their feet were already pretty sore seeing as they had been dancing since 2pm!


Up they were again, spinning, twirling and rock ‘n rolling like mad.

I then stuck around and talked to some of the regulars. It turns out there are people there that learn at multiple schools but know each other through attending this particular night regularly.

We’ve made great friends through all of this, Lionel said grinning. I could see what he meant. Looking around it was obvious that everyone here gets along and feels very comfortable here.

It’s a lovely friendly crowd, great music and all set in a well appointed bar with a modern yet warm feel.

I recommend this to anyone that loves rock ‘n roll dancing or even just watching people really enjoying their time on the floor. I will certainly be heading down there with some QuickSteps students on Sundays.






See you on the dance floor!

Verve Bar and Kitchen: 2052c/297 Diagonal Rd, Oaklands Park SA 5046 (Marion Shopping Complex)
Rock n Roll night every Sunday from 2-6pm (Happy hour from 4-6pm)