Tango Dance Lessons in Adelaide

Tango Dance Lessons in Adelaide

Learn about Tango in 60 seconds

Everyone knows the Tango. It looks so cool, so hot, so smokingly sensual. The music is evocative, provocative and addictive – the tempo of desire, the dance of love. Everyone would love to Tango.

The Tango is precise, formal and classical, but it will stir your emotions and make you feel amazing. It’s simple yet complicated. But don’t worry – we’ll have you biting into roses in no time.

The Tango is unique. It’s dancing in its purest form – you’re either doing the Tango or you’re not. That’s why many of our students also learn the Rumba – to give themselves a bit of flexibility on the dance floor.

Songs you had no idea you can tango to

Everyone knows tango! But do you know any song you can dance tango to? I bet you do! Tango is so popular that its rhythm is base of many popular songs.

Check out the four songs we chose, but if you became addicted to tango, here are more songs that may surprise you: Mi Confesion by Gotan Project, Toxic by Britney Spears, Sway by The Pussycat Dolls, Hey Sexy Lady by Shaggy.

Yes – this is all Tango!

This is how we dance Tango at QuickSteps

QuickSteppers: Steve & Sara

Event: QuickSteps Summer Ball 2017

Song: Libertango by Bond

Info: Beautiful Ballroom Tango with a lot of emotions performed by passionate Sara and Steve!


Okay, but where can I dance Tango in Adelaide?

Rhythm 2000

Where: 69 Briar Road, Felixstow

When: Saturday Nights every 6-8 weeks

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Walkerville RSL

Where: 98 Walkerville Terrace, Walkerville

When: The last friday of every month

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La Calesita Milonga

Where: QuickSteps Studio, 255 Gouger Street, Adelaide

When: Last Saturday of each month 8pm

Hmmm, but…

Why should I learn tango?

Tango is simply a lot of fun!

There is just something about the music that is addictive and makes you want to move.

The sharpness of the ballroom tango is also a very good tool in sharpening the lead and follow in other dances. Tango is often used as a tool when teaching other dances.

What is a Milonga?

Argentine Tango, a unique style of Tango, can be used at Milongas. A Milonga is a traditional Agentine social event at which people dance Argentine Tango. There are Milongas in Adelaide run by the two specialist Argentine Tango schools.

What are the different types of Tango?

There are two main types of Tango: Argentine Tango and Ballroom Tango.

Ballroom Tango is sharper and travels in a big circle around the dance floor.

Argentine Tango is softer and moves around on the spot, more suited to the cramped dance floors of Argentina.

At QuickSteps we start teaching Ballroom Tango, and once the students are more advanced, there is the option to also learn Argentine Tango.