The QuickSteps Bar

The QuickSteps Bar 

The QuickSteps Bar

“Oh Wow!”

This is generally what we hear when people walk up the stairs of the QuickSteps Dance studio Adelaide for the first time. This is not because our guests have never been to a cafe/bar before… Let’s face it they’ve been to many! It’s more that they weren’t expecting to see one in a dance studio! 

The QuickSteps Bar

(Here’s a little tip for next time you’re in. If you order Pirate Life in the voice of a Pirate it’s half price. ‘Ahhggrrr, Ya Be Welcome Me harties’)

Who Runs the Bar? 

The QuickSteps Bar

The Fabulous Kris… 

The QuickSteps Bar

The Cheeky Nick… 

The QuickSteps Bar

The Handsome Seb… 

The QuickSteps Bar

It doesn’t stop there! Not only are our teachers highly trained in waltz, tango, salsa and swing but they are all trained in coffee making too. You’ll see them behind the bar strutting their stuff from time to time. Here are Kevin and Jam sampling their coffee making skills. 

Why Do We Have The Bar? 

To us dancing is not just dancing. Dancing is socialising, community, and happiness! Our bar gives our members a space to mingle and chat between classes and to call their own. 

The QuickSteps Bar

Seb, Kat and Borgia relaxing in the bar between classes. 

To Relax

Solos: Our members know that when they’ve had a long week at work they can get to the studio, enjoy a nice hot shower, get out of their work gear and truly unwind. They can sit and chill in the bar with their favourite glass of wine or beer in hand before their dance class starts. 

The QuickSteps Bar

Luke and Nick having a chat and enjoying a beer after a long day’s work.

Duos: Often couples will meet at the studio straight from the office. They greet each other with a kiss on the cheek before sitting down and enjoying a cold beer or a glass of champagne and catching up on each other’s day before dance class.

To Get Cosy… 

On a cold wintery weekend there’s nothing better for our dancers than knowing that when they get to the studio on a Sunday morning they will be greeted with the smell of freshly ground coffee that fills the air. Or any day for that matter! For chocolate lovers there will also be a rich, creamy hot chocolate ready for them to enjoy whilst they catch up with everyone in the cafe. 

The QuickSteps Bar

The QuickSteps Cappucino complete with QS coffee board and cheeky Hershey’s Kiss

To Cool Down 

When it’s stinking hot outside and you’ve had a long hard day at the office, on the ward, or on the building site head straight for the QuickSteps Bar; we are air-conditioned!  There’s plenty of dancing to see and cold beverages to enjoy before your dance class starts. 

The QuickSteps Bar

Our fancy flutes! All of our glassware has the QuickSteps logo engraved.

Between Classes

Warning: Dancing is addictive! One lesson a week quickly turns into two, and then three, and then you’re one of the regulars that joke about bringing their sleeping bags rather than going home! 

Many members will dance a couple of times in one night. For example they might do a rumba class at 6:15pm and then wait around to join the salsa class at 7:45pm. In the middle they sit and chill in the cafe with the other members, getting up occasionally to have a dance if they hear a song they love. 

The QuickSteps Bar

Friendly Faces: Miranda, Vicki and Josh 

To Explore…

Maybe you have a friend, family member, or partner that has expressed interest in dancing but is a bit apprehensive to get started. Meeting up at the bar for a drink is the perfect introduction. They get to look around and see what it’s all about without feeling any pressure to get up a dance. They can simply enjoy a drink and a sticky beak! 🙂 

Here’s Nick pouring our QuickSteps blue, signature cocktails; the Rumba!

Somewhere where ‘everybody knows your name’ 

Okay. So it’s super corny but.. you remember the 80’s sitcom ‘Cheers’? I think the theme song pretty much sums it up. 

For our members QS Bar is literally a bar where ‘everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came’. 

And now here’s a little walk down memory lane for you… enjoy.