Your Wedding Dance

Your Wedding Dance

Your Wedding Dance

Find out about The First Dance in 60 seconds

It’s normal to stress about your wedding dance, but you don’t have to; we have a solution for you. We’re glad you’re thinking seriously about your First Dance, and that’s really cool; it may well be the talking point of your special day.

The dance is up to you. Whatever you like – traditional, contemporary, classical, jazzy, funky, waltzy, nowhere-near-waltzy, groovy, rock ‘n rolly or even dirty-dancey – we can make you shine on your wedding day!

What category are you?

We usually find couples fit into one of three categories:

  • Show Stoppers – both partners are really keen to perform something individual and creative for their wedding.

  • Go Getters – both partners have always wanted to dance, but never made the time. Now they have the perfect reason to make the time.

  • Kickers & Draggers – one partner is really up for it (well done girls), the other is reluctant to say the least (c’mon guys!).

A lot of the time, the most reluctant become the most enthusiastic. All it takes is a weekly commitment for 3-6 months and we promise it will be fun! 

What is our secret? (Well okay, not anymore!)

Most people are better off without a choreographed routine. Here are some facts:

  • Choreography is when every dance step is planned in advanced.

  • This is very difficult to pull off without you looking stodgy and robotic if you have not done much dancing before.

  • Professional dancers pull this off just because they’ve rehearsed the routine 1000s of times (plus – they’re pretty good at dancing). Are you prepared to practice your dance 1000s of times?

  • Oh, and it’s hard to recover from a mistake without looking un-coordinated…

Fear not – there’s a great alternative. Learn lead and follow dancing. Give it a try first before you decide.

  • This gives you the flexibility to turn, dip and swirl gracefully with the music and go with the flow…

  • Leading and following is 10x easier than choreography.

  • On most people the dance looks smooth and natural.

How do I choose The Song?

Maybe you already have a song that has always reminded you of each other? If so, perfect! That’s your song. However, from our experience we can say that many people these days don’t have ‘their song’ but once you choose one and learn to dance to it, it will quickly become ‘your song’.

  1. Pick a song you both like. You’ll be hearing it a lot before the wedding!

  2. Make sure the lyrics are appropriate – have you really listened to the words? Make sure it’s not about a breakup! (We have had this situation before!)

  3. Think back to significant times in your relationship, like when you met. What music were you listening to then?

  4. Have you ever been to a concert together? Perhaps a song from that album would be nice.

You can check out YouTube, or Spotify for top song lists, or we can suggest some options at the studio.

We have a long list of songs sorted by style of dance you can look through here. 

We have also put together a whole blog just to help you and your partner choose the right song for your first dance. 

Here are some of the songs we like!

Aerosmith – I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing

Elvis Presley – Burning Love

John Legend – All of Me

Ben E. King – Stand By Me

Hmmm, but…

  • How can I dance in my dress?

We won’t lie, it’s not easy. Wedding dresses are not designed with dancing in mind. They are for making you look pretty!

Ask your dressmaker to add a bustle to the back so you can lift the excess material off of the ground. Some brides change into another dress, particularly if they’re planning some crazy/special dance.

Ensure you discuss your dress with your QuickSteps dance teacher. They’re experts, and will know how to take different dress types into consideration.

  • What dance should we learn for our first dance?

The type of dance style you do is determined by the song you choose.

Many people are surprised to find out that wedding dances these days are not waltzes as typical wedding music is not suited to the waltz.

If you’re looking for something romantic, there’s a good chance that a Rumba will be the dance style best suited for you.

Something upbeat? Swing and Cha Cha are good options too but you will need a few more lessons to ensure it looks smooth and effortless.

  • How many lessons will we need?

It really depends.

What do you want to do? How quickly do you learn?

Most couples have about 15 lessons. Fewer than this and you might look a bit robotic while dancing, and your audience will be able to sense that you are not confident.

If you’re both quick learners, maybe 8-10 lessons will be enough for you to feel comfortable and look smooth. Some couples come in two years prior – now that’s true love!

See – it really depends!

  • How much lead time do we need to allow?

Make sure you come in at least 6 to 9 months before your wedding.

You don’t have to dance all the way up until your wedding – but you’ll be thankful you started early. Most couples are extremely hectic in the months just prior to their wedding, and having your dance lessons ticked off early is a great relief.

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