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Information on how we’re handling Covid 19 at QuickSteps

Vaccinations at QuickSteps

From the beginning of 2022 QuickSteps will be requiring members to be double vaccinated. 

We anguished over what this decision would mean for our non-vaccinated members. We know several of the non-vaccinated – there are several long term members, and many supported QuickSteps through the recent studio shutdowns, so making this decision gives us no pleasure.

QuickSteps is a large community of 500+ regular dancers. We conducted a survey and the results showed that the number of unvaccinated was similar to the number of our members who would leave if there as not a vaccine mandate.

Given we expect the state government to consider QuickSteps a high risk venue when restrictions are relaxed, we  decided to introduce the requirement. 

Masks at QuickSteps

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How to prevent the spread of COVID19?


Wear a Mask


Wash your Hands


Keep your Distance