Lady’s Left Turn

Lady’s Left Turn

This salsa turn pattern can be challenging. Up until now all of our salsa turns consist of a half basic first- see Lady’s Turn Right and the Murn. Now with our Left Turn Family we are preparing on the second half of the Basic, the 5,6,7, and executing the turn on the next 1,2,3.

This might mess with your head a little at first but be patient, practise it slowly and I promise you will get there!


The Gentleman’s Steps

Leaders we need to lead this step nice and early. It can be lead from either a frame hold or a double hand hold.

I personally prefer the frame hold. I feel I have a bit more control and can communicate the preparation step on ‘7’ a little bit more clearly than when I am in double hand hold.

We have already used our frame hold in the Cross Body Lead in Frame in Beginner 2 salsa.


The Lady’s Steps