Back Rocks with Open Walks

Back Rocks with Open Walks

Use this beginner rumba pattern to travel across the floor. You can even use it to find a better positon that is less crowded! 🙂

#floorcraft #biggermoves

  • 2 Back Rocks
  • 6 walks forward side by side
  • 1 side step to face your partner
  • Back Rock to Exit


When walking side by side ensure that the follower is doing just that… ‘following’! 🙂 The leaders should always be a few centimeters ahead of the follower, there should be pressure on the palm and the leader should be able to change directions at any time wth the follower in tow.

***Remember your Rumba Neutrals here too!



And correct weight placement during your Latin dance.




The Leader’s Steps

In this video we are referring to the leader’s steps when we describe the gentlemen’s steps.


The Follower’s Steps

In this video we are referring to the follower’s steps when we describe the lady’s steps.

Followers, don’t assume you know where the leader is going or when they are going to lead you to face them. The best way to dance this step is to stay a few centimeters behind the leaders frame as you walk ‘side by side’. Apply a tiny bit of connection or pressure to the leaders hand and walk as if you’re only expecting to move forward. This way, once your leader does lead you to face them it will be easier to feel and you can make it more snappy and sassy!