Follower’s Right Turn


The Leader’s Steps

In this video we are referring to the leader’s steps when we describe the gentlemen’s steps.

Leaders: The timing of this lead is very important. Practise by counting the steps out loud ‘1, 2, 3’. Ensure that as you say ‘3’ you are lifting your left arm clearly.

TIP: Ensure that you keep your feet moving in that same salsa basic pattern you started with. If you struggle with this then try watching over the ladies head as she turns to help to prevent you from getting distracted.


The Follower’s Steps

In this video we are referring to the follower’s steps when we describe the lady’s steps.

Followers: The most comon mistake during the Lady’s Right Turn in salsa is the placement of your left foot on step ‘5’. Although it is counter intuative, you need to ensure you are stepping straight towards your partner when he leads you in to this step.

Step ‘5’ is directly forward, towards the leader on your left foot. It may feel as though you are going to step on his right foot but he should be stepping backwards at this point, removing his foot from danger!