Dance With Me Friday at The QuickSteps Studio

Dance With Me Friday at The QuickSteps Studio

Dance With Me Friday – Beginners


What Is Dance With Me Friday? 

A very relaxed, casual social dance event held at the same time and day every week.  It is aimed at Beginners, to give them space to get comfy on the dance floor before jumping into a crowded floor like a Dance Party or external event.  

There are normally 5-6 teachers there to dance with so the teacher/member ratio is very high, and the teachers will be focusing on our newer members and beginners.

We also offer drink specials at the QS Bar, we put the party lights on and social dance until close.

The music that we play is restricted to beginner styles being; 

  • Rumba 
  • Rock ‘n Roll 
  • Salsa 
  • Bachata 
  • Merengue
  • Waltz 
  • Ballroom Tango 

Who Comes Along to Dance With Me Friday? 

Dance With Me Friday is aimed at Beginner members.

Intermediate and advanced dancers can also attend, as long as they are also focused on supporting our new and beginner members and embodying our Community Values of:

1. We Welcome New Members

3. We Remember Where We Came From

We also get members of the public that are intersted in taking up dance lessons coming along to check it out, we love to see new faces from time to time. We can also give you a studio tour and explain how the studio works. No pressure to get up and dance if you’re not ready! 

Dance With Me Friday at The QuickSteps Studio

Want to come along and check it out?  Let us know and we can add your name to the guest list and ensure you get VIP service  

[email protected] –  Coming to Dance With Me Friday

For our members, book into the Drop-In through your QS Diary.

Why Do We Have Dance With Me Friday? 

  1. We wanted a way to celebrate the end of the week together and this seemed like a good way to do it! 🙂 
  2. The more practise our members can get the quicker they will achieve their goals
  3. We had some feedback from some beginner members that their first Dance Party was a bit overwhelming as a beginner. DWMFri is a good introduction to social dance events without such a big crowd and a better teacher to member ratio
  4. It’s fun for the teachers. As much as we looove teaching we also love getting the chance to simply dance up a storm with you all! 


When is Dance With Me Friday Held? 

Every Friday from 9:15pm – 10pm.

Lots of members do group dance classes first and then hang around in the QuickSteps Bar/cafe and mingle before DWMFri. 

There are lots of group classes available on a Fridas for this reason. Here’s the timetable if you want to have a look. 

See you at the next one!