The Crossovers can be danced in most Latin dance styles including Salsa and Cha Cha.

Start with half a box into a side step or preparation step. From here you perform your Crossover. This is basically just a forward rocking action. Then finish with a walk around turn and Back Rock to exit as we have now done many times before in previous step patterns.

As with any Latin dance move with rocking actions we want to ensure we are using our Rumba Neutrals technique as demonstrated in the video below.



Weight should always be placed forward during our rocking actions.



The Leader’s Steps

In this video we are referring to the leader’s steps when we describe the gentlemen’s steps.

Lead this step nice and early. As you finish your half a Box Step and move into your side step/preparation step, open your right arm out, away from the followers shoulder blade. This movement indicates that you will be opening to your right hand side. It will also allow you to start to turn your right foot causing the followers left foot to do the same.


The Follower’s Steps

In this video we are referring to the follower’s steps when we describe the lady’s steps.

Follower’s you may not have done much arm styling at this stage of your dancing. This will take a while to develop and that’s okay. Here is a short video from Jammy (queen of arms) explaining the difference in arm styling between Salsa, Cha Cha and Rumba.