Narrow Corridor to Crossover

Narrow Corridor to Crossover

This is a variation on our Rumba Narrow Corridor used to do two things;

1. Spice up the ending of the step a little

2. Give dancers the ability to dance with continuity by joining the Crossover or follower’s walk around turn with your next step.

How could I dance this step with continuity?

1. Rather than starting this pattern with a half box use the half box that is naturally created at the end of the Rumba Walks from Level 1 Rumba.

2. Add extra Crossovers in the middle of the step rather than just the one.

3. After the Crossover the leader can also do a walk around turn under the follower’s arm to create the Altenerate Turns.

4. We have talked before about Back Rocks being the ‘glue’ in continuity rumba so let’s use that glue! Try adding any of the steps you have already learnt on to the end of this one. Which steps are these?

Back Rocks With Spin

Back Rocks To Open Walks

Back Rocks to Open Walks With Snail Ending

Promendae Swivels Long

Promenade Swivels Short