180 Degree Cross Body Lead

There is certainly a lot going on in this beautiful move! So lets start at the start…

Learn and practise the Cross Body Lead with Inside Turn as this is the opening sequence. Leaders please note that Jayson is catching Hannah in a dance frame rather than a double hand hold at the end of the inside turn. This makes it easier to go into the next part of the pattern.

The leader then uses their 1,2,3 count to rotate around their follower as the follower basically remains in place, allowing their leader to move around them. Small steps will help here!

From there we are finishing with a simple Cross Body Lead in Frame from Beginner salsa.

Try to imagine that this salsa pattern is moving down one long, straight line. It may feel more robotic this way but it will help you to learn the pattern neatly to start with. Once the step is more comfortable you will find the shapes, angles and lines of travel change naturally. The pattern can then be manipulated to better suit the environment you are dancing in.